Who are we

perlmeme.org is designed and hosted by Unisolve, a Melbourne based Perl and Open Source development company. It is run by Unisolve staff with the generous help of the individuals listed below.

Webmaster and editor - Simon Taylor

Simon is the principal of Unisolve, and is involved in a number of Open Source initiatives south of the Equator, including Melbourne Perl Mongers, the Australian Open Source Developer's Conference, and the Open Source Industry Australia FOSS advocacy group.

Simon is interested in memes, music and The Gimp.

Email: simon@unisolve.com.au

Consulting Editor - Scott Penrose

Scott is the principal developer at myinternet Limited and runs his own Open Source consulting company and ISP - Digital Dimensions.

He is currently juggling a full time job, the presidency of the Open Source Developer's Conference, and his own perl development work (see some on CPAN).

When Scott isn't working he can be seen around his beautiful property playing with RC planes and cars.

Web site: linux.dd.com.au Email: scottp@dd.com.au

Contributing Author - Leif Eriksen

Leif became a programmer because all his friends from school were getting paid heaps doing it, and he knew exactly how immature they were. Before that he worked as a mechanic, air traffic controller and as an assistant in a pathology lab. Since graduating with a science degree from LaTrobe Uni, he has worked for companies in areas as diverse as - telecommunications, cable tv, transport, domain registrars and, briefly, one of those companies that advertises phone numbers for lonely women late at night (I just made sure the computers worked, OK! I hardly ever answered a call myself...oh).

His ideal job would be delivering brand new luxury yachts to very rich owners all over the world, especially if they live in the Bahamas - and no, thats not a joke, he _really_ wants to do it.

Leif has been blessed with a wife to keep him clean, fed and knowing exactly what he should be doing at all times, and 3 stunning children who, for the moment, think he's pretty cool.

Email: leif_eriksen@hotmail.com

Contributing Author - Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish has been programming since 1987 (on a PC XT BIOS BASIC), when he was 10 years old. Later on he learned C, and on 1996 became introduced to UNIX and Perl and has been madly in love with them almost ever since.

He is Israeli-born-and-raised and as a result of spending some time in the United States as a child, he now speaks Hebrew with an American Accent, and English with an Israeli Accent. He forgot the English he learned as a child almost completely and later had to re-learn it.

He has been contributing to the online and offline community in the form of software, funny stories and bits, essays and articles, presentations about technical topics, and some help in organizing and publicizing events.

Shlomi Fish has studied in the Technion in the vain hope of becoming an Electrical Engineer, and has graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences.

Other contributors

Other authors who have contributed their expertise include:

Becky Alcorn
Tassilo v. Parseval
Bianca Taylor
Anthony Carapetis


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