How do I get the information I need quickly from the Perl documentation?

You want to quickly get information about a Perl function from the documentation. For example, information on the glob function.

Solution 1: Use perldoc on the command line


    perldoc -f glob
    perldoc File::Glob
    perldoc -q glob

In the first case, perldoc will look in the standard Perl documentation for a function called glob.

In the second case, you would need to know that the function glob actually belongs to the package File::Glob. In this case perldoc will display the documentation for the module File::Glob.

In the third case, perldoc will look through the Perl faqs for the function glob.

Solution 2: Use

This site lets you search Perl functions, core modules, and FAQs. So just enter 'glob' in the search field on the site, or:

You can also find this kind of information at:

The online Perl FAQ

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